Wednesday, 12 March 2014


On the walk to the Heath and back
Traffic, mostly distant except for the few that pass by on the road
Wind rustling leaves as I go through the woods.
A very melodious robin in the gorse
The sound of the tyres on the gravel as a cyclist over takes me
A few words with a friend
Children in the playground at the school
A blackbird, a great tit and a chaffinch all proclaiming their territories
More rustling leaves
A distant siren – God be with them whatever they are going to
More children at the other school, then silence and a teacher’s voice reading to them
More birds, I wish I knew all their calls
A lady waiting at the school gate, talking baby talk to her dog,
Her keys in her hand jingle as she pets him.
A blue tit
The water trickling in the fish pond in a front garden
Someone starts up a lawnmower
Next door’s baby cries a little as I open the front door
My husband calls out “Hello – did you have a good walk?”
I did. 
The many sounds have given me peace.

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