Saturday, 26 July 2014

OK, settle down, this one is a bit serious.  I spent the last 10 days thinking that there might be something seriously wrong with my health.  If you read yesterday's post then you will know it was a false alarm.  I found a lump.  There was a perfectly healthy explanation for it.
Most of those 10 days I didn't actually think that much about it but having, not long before, had a long conversation with someone who has only been given months to live, I did wonder how I would react if the news was bad.  The first blessing from all this is that I do think one feels God very close at times like these.  (The picture is the Town Steps in Aldeburgh, put through a FotoSketcher program but I chose it for the light and dark sides of the way)  If you have a faith then problems and troubles can make you feel closer to Him.  He never goes away, of course, but your connection to Him can become stronger.  That's certainly how it was for me.  And I even started thinking about how, having cancer, might give me some really good opportunities for witness.  And then, when I knew I hadn't got it, I realised that the opportunities were still there, just different ones.

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  1. Oh hun, so sorry you have had this scare, but thank Him that you are ok. Must admit that I gave thanks to Him for getting me up those flippin' steps in soaring temperatures the other week! xx