Monday, 16 June 2014

I've been trying to find a picture like the one I had on my bedroom wall when I was a child.  It was a lady in a crinoline watering some flowers, she and the flowers were scratched out off a pane of glass that was coloured black and her dress and the flowers were some sort of silvery paper behind the glass.  I gave up in the end.  This picture is one I did years ago, where you put down stripes of coloured and then cover them with black wax crayon and then scrape it off to make the picture.  I think the date on it is 1979 Anyway, the verse that went with the crinoline lady was
"The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the bird for mirth
One is nearer to God in a garden
Than any place else on earth"
I spent 3 hours yesterday looking at gardens.

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  1. is this anything like your lady? I remember clearly embroidering something very like this on a traycloth as a child.