Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Last Post

Well, I did it!  I actually did manage a post for every day of 2014.  Maybe I had to do a bit of catching up once or twice, but there are 365 posts here so I think I can congratulate myself.  It has made me think that I will continue with my blogging again, not here as this was a stand alone project but back on Just Jotting Along which I started way back in August 2009!  I might even re-read some of it.  So, today's blessing is that I made it through the year and that I shall be starting 2015 with not a little enthusiasm.  Oh, and by the way, since I started putting my links on FB and Twitter to the specific post and not just to the blog, I have found that more people have been reading this than I realised.  It would be lovely to know who you are, so just this once, please leave a comment, I need the encouragement !
And a Happy New Year to all my readers xxx

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