Thursday, 18 December 2014

There has been a lot of fuss about that like in "Do they know it's Christmas"   It is something like "thank God that it's them instead of you"  You can thank God that you have food and water and safe homes, that you don't live somewhere that you are in danger of indiscriminate slaughter every day and that you haven't been caught up in a random act of violence.  That is a blessing.  But the line implies thanking God it is happening to someone else.  I don't for a minute think that was the intention, but when we thank God for our blessings it wouldn't hurt to pray that everyone might share the same one day


  1. My thoughts exactly!!! Although I think it is probably just words made to scan the song, I would much prefer just to hear Thank God it has missed me by or something like that. And why should people all around the world from other religions have to "know it's Christmas"? It is awfully self centred and, to me, quite unacceptable.

    We shall thank our God (who I believe is the same no matter what we call him, if I decide to call you Jaydubblah, are you not still Janet anyway?)

    1. I agree. And a lot of Africans are Christians anyway! So they DO know!

    2. ha!! totally! how much of the money will be going to the administration do you think? has it been published anywhere?